Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Girl and The Tree

The Girl and the Tree

Once upon a time in a land not so far a way lived a girl with wavy hair. She had a laugh that could wake up a giant and a smile that would melt the frozen sea. When she hummed, the birds would come listen and when she sang they would sing along with her.

One day she was looking for a place to rest, either a home or a nest. She met a tree that she liked right away. She smiled at him and went up the stairs, up up up until she reached the highest leaves, in the crown of the tree. There she found a piano and on the table, always a warm cup of tea.

She visited many times and the tree was always there for her.  Mr. Tree, as he liked himself to be called, was funny and warm, yet fierce. He was kind to the small birds that came to sing to him.  

Mr Tree's long hair of leaves smelled of the salty air near the sea. The leaves would fall down in the autumn and the branches would get tangled up by the strong winds. To help Mr. Tree, the girl would comb his long hair. She took it upon herself to help him with the knots, solving the mysterious tangles and freeing up space for new green to grow. Sometimes she would be gentle with his hair; sometimes she would rip and tear the branches, and Mr. Tree would shake his head and say ''stop, you’re hurting me.''

One night the girl came to play and to sing old songs from her country. The songs were sad and melancholic. Mr. Tree listened quietly. He told the girl something wise to comfort her, and then something silly to make her laugh. The girl laughed so loud that it started to rain so much that the land flooded and the girl couldn’t go home. She asked Mr Tree shyly if she could stay for the night and sleep in his arms. They both dreamt about love, the rhythm of the sea, and silken chocolate cake filled with cream.

Time passed and the girl began to miss her country more and more. She sang the folk songs of her people to help to remember her land. The birds became so sad for her that they didn’t want to sing anymore. The Tree gave her some comfort, but it wasn't enough. She climbed up to him and he surrounded her with his warm bark and soft leaves. She needed to go and sing her songs on the ground of her country, where her songs were understood.

The girl left that place where Mr Tree grew but never forgot him.

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