Friday, August 24, 2012

About leaving

About leaving (a song)

You were sitting on a chair
in a silent room,
I was lying on a bed
just beside you.

You were not leaving
as there was no one left to follow.

We talked about following,
and I lost my opinion,
Because it’s like borrowing
someone else’s dream to leave.

                      Sometimes I’m stuck in your orbit
and I can’t take my own course
and I don’t understand all.
Maybe there’s nothing to know of
just sometimes to make sure 
I’m dreaming my own dreams through (doing my own things too.)

I was crying on my bed
my head was full
of images of you
and of her who loves you too.

And my tears
are for the fear
of loosing.

And we talked about love and loving,
I lost my opinion
because it’s like the river and the stream
of lightness and kindness and giving.

I won’t ever loose you
you are my friend
as the situations change
we are soft like the summer air.

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