Monday, October 15, 2012

We´re all princesses 1. and 2.


We’re all princesses
loving to be loved.
We’re all kittens
furry and funny.
We all want to be
someone’s baby and someone’s mom.

There’s a house,
there’s no plan.
There’s the sea,
and the wish to swim.

And I’m full of poems,
to burst to spill on you, on everyone.
I’ll sing them out later,
I’ll be the sea.


We’re all princesses,
waiting to be wanted.
And we’re all lions
knowing what’s best for us and for the others.

We’re all cubs,
we’re all mothers,
we’re all fierce when ours is taken away.

And we smile back when someone smiles at us.
And we smile back when someone smiles at us.

mustaa, valkee

mustaa –
valkee –

Lattialla on valkeita muistoja,
suussa on mustia sanoja.
Viime yössä oli kaksi eri nimistä
eikä tämä aamu ala loppua,
eikä tämä päivä ala alkaa.

valkee –
mustaa – tilaa uusille muistoille

ja kylmät kaakelit.

black and white as

black and white as
the sink,
the floor, white
as in the memories from
last night
like the two girls,
and this day
or morning not
starting or ending

no light,
only the white,
no one in the kitchen,
here the tiles, seams in between, fractures,
no wish to go
no need to leave

and the dripping
of the white water
on the black,
the sweat,
no memories,
as the black
as the white

the cold tiles,
the surface
of the white,
the endless of the black space for the memories to come.