Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Write about improvisation

Improvisation is an instant composition. I take a moment, I take a sound, I take few movements, I let the poem to become a poem. I show to the audience what there is, what they could see. And I let them see what they see, I don’t control them, I don’t want to control them. We are experiencing together what ever happens.

Let the poem to come out, let the sound to come, listen to the moment, and let the moment be as long or as short as it wants to be.

Improvisation could be reacting with your body to what’s happening. It’s not about thinking and it’s not about deciding with your head. It’s about being in the moment and making decisions as they come. It’s possible to change something in the space and it’s possible to support what’s happening in different ways.

Improvisation can give a strong but maybe unconscious feeling of being pleased and enjoying when everything feels like being on their right places.

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