Sunday, February 13, 2011

Four legs, two heads - 4 jalkaa ja 2 päätä

Rintakehä voi olla kuin litteä laatikko,

tai sali, jossa tanssii hengitys. Soittaa rintarangan pilliä, soittaa palkeita, haitaria, kylkiluiden urkuja.

My ribcage can be like a flat box for the small heart to beat beat beat.

Or an expanding room, for my breathe to dance around, to play the organs of the ribs, the accordeon, to send air to dance in all the smaller rooms of; my stomach, the face, the neck, the cells, the hands, the fingers, the toes, my head and the thoughts.

It’s for the heart to beat and to resonate. - ja sydän saa kaikua.

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