Friday, October 8, 2010

Making myself at home / kaisa kotoutuu

I came back from Finland and I'm in Berlin again. I spend few days in the different offices to register, to get the right of abode (vapaan liikkuvuuden lupa tai jotain) and to register at the unemployment office. The lines are long and there's no air to breathe. I didn't know what papers I was supposed to have in these places, so I had to go back to all of them. To the registration office I went three times. And at the unemployment office I have to go always with someone who speaks german, they don't speak any english.

Then I got high fever and was sick watching movies and reading books for three days.

I watched animations:

Kiki's delivery service
Waltz with Bashir

I read a novel, Among other things, I've taken up smoking by Aoibheann Sweeney

The book, Kiki and Persepolis all are stories of a girl moving away from home to a new city and starting their lives there. I could really identify with the characters and stories.

Waltz with Bashir and Metropia were both dark movies, first one told about the war in Lebanon and Metropia about the future we're heading towards when people has no power anymore.

Our washing machine is working, so I was making laundry yesterday and today and then some more.

" I love this feeling, being at home at night, no one is here, i'm on my own. The washing machine is growling and squealing cozy, the only one interrupting me. The candle smells like the Starbucks or the gift wrap -stores in the u.s. Vanilla makes everyone feel safe. I'm here to make sure the pipes won't leak, I'm here to write sleepy descriptions of the atmosphere with ink to color my index finger and thumb black or blue. It looks like the ink gets trough the skin."

I was writing with my ink pen ja söin lettuja:

This blog is going to be as unorganized as I am, without a clear subject. Many things happening, I remember to tell some of them to someone who might be interested. Maybe some pictures, maybe something else.

If someone want's good information about moving to Berlin in finnish, here you get it:

greeting and thanks to Maiju! :)

When I get better, I'll go to the volkschule to get to the german classes, find the finnish seurakunta and try to get some baby-sitting jobs. And I'll start dancing!


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