Saturday, September 11, 2010

sanding my room!

suddenly my room was full of sand. Dust from the wood. Hä? The wind from the desert came, i had the window open and my room was sanded.


I had an ugly floor in my room. Julian had an ugly floor in his room. Julian wanted to make his room beautiful. I wanted too. We rented a machine because we wanted to sand our floors by ourselves. We wanted to varnish the floors by ourselves. Great. Doesn't sound like a hard thing. But it is !
I didn't think that the third day I live in Berlin, I would be scraping the red paint and finding the beautiful wood under it.

We found a working vacuum cleaner outside next to the trash bin
and met our neighbors, one is a dancer too.

Julian in the corner.

The floor is not ready yet. My hands are still shaking.
I come to Finland on Tuesday.
I have met many friends and have been busy all the time.
It takes a lot of time to travel here.